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Elegant wrap set

Elegant wrap set

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The flagship of this summer season arrived in the form of a wrap skirt and blouse set.

The variation of these pieces is truly exceptional, the blouse can be wrapped classically in the front and accentuate the waist and cleavage, however, fans of seductive, slightly exposed back will surely love the variant with a fancy bow in the back! The skirt can also be tied up and will fit your figure like a glove.

We'll make a lot of fuss about the fabric composition of this set. There's a reason! The blend of 42% linen, 22% viscose, 19% sorona* and 15% cotton is a unique combo. It boasts the lightness and breathability of linen, the softness and absorbency of cotton, the flowing nature of viscose and the non-wrinkle and softness of sorona.

The blouse is multifunctional and can be combined with jeans. It is elegant, simple and sexy at the same time. The skirt fits every figure, you wrap it according to the circumference of your waist, so that it is comfortable and soon blends nicely with your hips, which it does not hug. The skirt also has two "studs" at the waist as a safety feature, in case you don't trust the simple tie (the studs can be reattached according to your waist measurements).

*Sorona® fibre is made from renewable organic raw materials. Fabrics made in this fiber are very soft, strong and quick drying. Clothing made from this material is lightly elastic, comfortable and at the same time highly resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion.

Photographed on a 168 cm tall figure.

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